"Touching the emotions of the viewer is a personal goal of mine

in every production"

It started with a 30-day trial of Sony Vegas back in the youth

Growing up me and my friends watched alot of skiing and skateboard movies. Like most kids, we wanted to do exactly what our rolemodels were doing. Go skiing, film what we were doing and make awesome movies out of it. 

Since youth, I have been filming and editing skiing movies, mountainbike movies, that evolved to vloggs, commercials and short videos. Today it is widely known as content and nowadays, its also part of my job as content creator and manager. 

There is something special about the creative process

Having that vision, knowing what you want to create. Go out, capture moments in the best possible way and transform it into a video or picture, making it last forever, is a very special feeling. And it feels just as good every time. 

One of my top skills as videographer and producer is my ability to touch the emotions of the viewer. Its also a personal goal of mine in every production. Authentic content that engages with its audience.


Where you see problems - I see potential

Marketing & social media solutions

You feel alienated by social media channels, which to use and how to use them. You have a goal or need help in how to set a goal and how to reach them. Let me help you setup your social media channels and marketing strategies.

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Content creation & copywriting

None in your company wants to post on your social media channels. What should you post and what should you write? Yet you need living channels because everyone else has it. Let me create content and do the copywriting for you.

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SEO or Search engine optimization. All your competitors are visible on Google and they rank high too. How do they do it? Through SEO and key words. SEO is a great way to boost your website on Google. Let me help the company rank higher.

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